Upgrading To The New Canon 90D


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So the new Canon D90 camera, my thoughts so far.

Most of the photos I take from indoor arena's are set at 12,800 ISO. Highest the camera goes, which is about double the camera's had a few years ago. This is the reason older camera's can't take the pics indoors without them being dark.

That and and expensive ass memory cards is how I can take photos indoors without a flash. Secret is out now.

Normally the higher the number the grainier the pics are. In the last few years they improved on that also. Yes I have to perform a little photoshop magic to make them brighter.

The new D90 has double the ISO 25,600. Needless to say this is the best feature. To be able to take the shots at 20,000 ISO indoors will be amazing.

Takes the same lens and batteries as the Canon 7d mark II I use so no cost in upgrading there for me and all Canon shooters.

The downfall is 1 memory card slot. When you take 10,000 photos you don't want to have to think about switching memory cards or cards becoming full and you miss the shot.

I don't want to pay for super fast memory cards and just pull the card every 5 drags or so. Might be my only choice.

The 7D Mark II I shoot with has two memory card slots and when one card is full it writes to the other. Not having that will suck.

They leaked out some of the specs on the new Canon 90D camera.


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