Southwest Barrels Report - Southwest Barrels Report #5

This week we have a new intro. I really wanted a female voice as mine was horrible. It made me laugh every time I heard it.

Last week I went out to a barrel race on Long Island. It was different then I am use to. There isn't too many barrel races near NYC so if you are having one let me know. You can see pics here.

This weeks events are a pop up race at Schultz arena on Friday the 5th.

Missionview Gymkhana on Saturday

July 6 (Saturday) Books 5:00 pm Barrel Time Only 5:00-6:30 pm 4D Barrels 7:00 pm Gymkhana 7:30 pm

Wednesday there is a jackpot at Marana Heritage Arena.

We will be having a new barrel racing forum in a few days. I mention the name in the podcast. Too early to link to it.

I am getting a Platypod delivered today. If you have no idea what that is you can click here.


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