Proud Dad of a barrel racer


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I am the proud dad of a young lady that began pursuing the sport of barrel racing and pole bending to now Highschool Rodeos for the past 6 years. I am proud of what she continues to learn of the sport, the people in and associated with the sport and her desire to pursue improvement with each ride, race, jackpot, and rodeo to hone this craft referred to riding. Having met wonderful people whom are always willing to give advice, lend a hand, help where needed, we feel fortunate to be associated with the horse and rodeo communities. My job as dad includes morale support, pressure, confidence pep talks, driving, holding the horse, paying the money, and videoing the results to repeat the process as many times as necessary. I am proud and humbled to do that. My hats off to Vin, for his devotion and dedication to the community in Arizona, and will see you on the trail.