New Here!

Hey guys! Just joined and I am super excited!
I am very interested in barrel racing, and am hoping to begin my journey this year!
Little bit about me:
We moved to a farm on 350 acres in 2012 and I've begged my parents for a horse every day since then lol. I was continually told no. Dad doesn't like them, and mum is allergic so didn't care one way or another. Finally summer 2020 dad said we could talk about it the following August. So August 15 2021 I presented a PowerPoint to him and got permission to buy my own horse!
I searched for what felt like forever to find my perfect horse, I fell in love with every single horse I looked at, but none of them were quite right.
Finally in September, I got sent a pic of a super cute horse that I absolutely fell in love with. I volunteer at an animal rescue, and she had just bought 3 horses from a meat auction.
That week I went out and was able to help deworm/vaccinate the horses. Then I got to work with the pretty white horse and he did amazing. I was impressed with him from that very first time. He handled everything like a pro and we were even able to saddle him, and then lunge him without any issues at all.
I continued working with him the next couple of weeks, then got to hold him as the vet floated his teeth and removed his Wolfe teeth. (i got to keep his teeth and have them in a jar lol)
The week after that I rode him for the first time and he was a dream. Obviously hadn't been ridden in a while and definitely needed some work, but overall he was amazing.
Finally November 11th 2021 he showed up. I have loved having him ever since and he has been a dream come true.
His name is Chance (i actually got to name him too so that was super cool), best we can figure, he is 8y/o, and used to be a packhorse. He is 16.2hh, and has the biggest heart in the world. He loves people, and tries everything as hard as he can.
We just recently overcame some major obstacles and we have really been able to bond.
Last week I loped him for the first time and didn't get bucked off. Every time I'd done it since he got home, I would ask for a lope, and next thing I knew I was on the ground. Last week we loped and I couldn't stop grinning the whole day. I was so proud of him. (before y'all come at me abt it being pain related, it is not. I guarantee it. He had his teeth done in Oct. Was trimmed a week prior to that, had a full vet check done in Oct. as well as a chiro session. And his saddle has been professionally fitted)
Yesterday, we did liberty work out in the pasture and he was amazing. Literally I was able to walk/run around his pasture, and he would walk/trot along with me. He would stop, turn, walk faster/slower, everything! We worked on backing up as well. At first, he would just turn towards me, but by the end, I could walk backwards and he would too!!

I also own 2 mini donkeys. I bought them summer 2020

And dad has 70 cows, 70 pigs, 20 sheep, 20 ducks, 150 chickens, 3 dogs, 2 geese, 2 guinea hens, and we're babysitting 4 of the cutest Highland cows of all time!


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