Be Nice To Each Other


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We are not going to have many rules around here. We believe that most people are good. With that said if we find someone being bad we will take them out and get them a whip and serve 20 lashes.

Seriously though:

1 - No Drama! There is enough of that in the real world we don't need it here.

2- Be Nice To Each Other. Name calling ended in the 4th grade.

3- Grandma rule in effect- If you wouldn't say it to your grandmother it shouldn't be said on this forum.

4- Encourage and Help when you can. A Rising tide raises all boats.

5- Do not speculate on animal abuse. If we want to see the graphic pictures we will go to Facebook to see them.

6- Create only one account - Having multiple accounts makes the forum harder to police.

7- Participate in Taco Tuesday's whenever possible.

8- Keep the Politics on Facebook. We don't care who you are voting for or against. 99% of political threads turn nasty so why have them here at all, it is a forum about barrel racing.

9- My mom is a member of the forum so please don't use many cuss words.

10- Be Aware that some information shared is something that is working for that rider and doesn't necessarily work for you or your horse.

By using this forum you are acknowledging your account and any violations will be dealt with on a one on one basis. This is a labor of love and should be treated that way.

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