8 Best Ice Boots for Horses Who Need to Chill Out

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Equine ice boots and wraps that keep legs in shape​

Ice boots are a special type of leg wrap designed for cooling the horse’s lower leg. They are effective in lowering the temperature of soft tissue, especially after exercise, to control heat and inflammation.

As with all horse quandaries, there is no single right answer. Ice boots are one method of cold-therapy. Some people only use cold-therapy in the instance of an injury. Others utilize cold-therapy as a preventative measure.

Yes, cold hosing does work. Depending on your barn’s setup, hosing legs, dealing with ice and buckets can be very messy and time consuming. Ice boots were created as a more convenient alternative to cold hosing.

Here’s a summary of our favorite ice boots:

ProductCoverageCold TherapyHeat TherapyMassage
Tough 1 Ice Therapy Tendon WrapTendonyesnono
Cryochaps Front BootsTendonyesnono
Ice Horse Single Hock WrapHockyesnono
Shires Hot/Cold Joint Relief BootsMultipleyesyesno
Horseware Ice-Vibe BootsTendon and fetlockyesnoyes
Premier Equine Cold Water Compression BootsKnee to fetlockyesnono
Professional’s Choice Full Leg Ice BootFull Legyesnono
Roma Ice Therapy BootKnee to Hoofyesnono

How to Use Ice Boots for Horses​

Reducing the temperature limits blood flow, therefore limiting inflammation and tissue damage. If you haven’t used ice boots before, here are a few tips:

  • If you are using cold therapy in response to injury, you should begin within 24-48 hours.
  • The purpose of cold therapy is to reduce inflammation.
  • It takes approximately 10 minutes to reduce the temperature of the area to the appropriate level.
  • Total icing (cooling) time should not exceed 15-20 minutes on a particular area at a time.
  • Don’t put ice directly against the skin—this can result in burns or other damage.

Now, let’s dig into some of the best options on the market!

Best Ice Boots for the Price​

Tough 1 Ice Therapy Tendon Wrap​

These boots are a great value at this price point. They utilize gel inserts to cool the leg. Customers agree that this is an easy product to use. Velcro closures are durable and keep the wrap from slipping—this product stays in place well.

This ice wrap is designed more for treating a tendon or ligament injury as contrasted to as a preventative measure. It is sold individually.
tough 1 ice boot
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Key Features:

  • Sizing: These boots come in three sizes—mini, horse, and draft
  • How to Use: Freeze the entire boot before applying to the lower leg
  • Coverage Area: Tendon (below the knee to the fetlock)

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Best Ice Boots Money Can Buy​

Cryochaps Boots​

Designed to cover all major tendons and ligaments, these boots are fairly thin which means they won’t take up much freezer space. Developed to mimic an ice bath or cold water immersion, these boots work for compression as well as cold therapy.

These boots excel at both preventative measures and treatment of an injury.

They can be sold individually or in pairs depending on the vendor, so read carefully! To add to the price point, these boots are designed specifically for the leg (front or hind, right or left).

cryochaps ice boots
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Key Features:

  • Sizing: Horse-sized
  • How to Use: Freeze the entire wrap before applying to the lower leg
  • Coverage Area: Tendon and fetlock joint

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Best Ice Boots for Hocks​

Ice Horse Single Hock Wrap​

These boots are specifically designed for the hock joint. The ice packs will mold to the horse’s leg for maximum coverage. They are advertised to stay cold for two hours or more. The fabric is designed for breathability and the Velcro closures ensure a tight fit.

hock ice boots
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These boots work for both cooling down after a workout or treating an injury to the hock. Sold individually, this product is made in the USA.

Key Features:

  • Sizing: Horse and pony sizes available
  • How to Use: Freeze the three ice packs, insert into boot, then apply to the leg
  • Coverage Area: Hock joint

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Best Ice Boots for Hot and Cold Therapy​

Shires Hot/Cold Joint Relief Boots​

These versatile boots can be used for hot or cold therapy. An added bonus? They work on any of the leg joints—knees, fetlocks, and hocks. The ergonomic design utilizes flexible neoprene and cut-outs for movement. Gel packs are removable and neoprene is hand-washable.

shires ice boots
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Useful as both a preventative measure and to treat injuries, these boots are extremely versatile! Sold in pairs. Be sure to use caution when handling the gel packs to avoid tears.

Key Features:

  • Sizing: One size
  • How to Use: Remove gel packs from neoprene. Heat in hot water or the microwave. Cool in cold water or the freezer.
  • Coverage Area: Joints—hocks, knees, and fetlocks

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Best Ice Boots for Cold Therapy + Massaging​

Horseware Ice-Vibe Boots​

These boots come with a hefty price tag, but they check all the boxes. The inserts can be heated or cooled for either hot or cold therapy. In addition, these boots include a massage therapy element to help boost circulation, stimulate healing, and reduce soreness. The massage feature can be activated with an on/off button and automated timer.

ice vibe boots
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These boots are used as both a preventative measure and to treat injuries. Sold in pairs, customers say they are both easy and convenient to use.

Key Features:

  • Sizing: Full or X-Full
  • How to Use: Remove inner packs to heat or cool prior to use. Activate massage feature using on/off button and automated timer.
  • Coverage Area: Tendon and fetlock joint

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Best Ice Boots with Compression​

Premier Equine Cold Water Compression Boots​

These boots are unique in that they cool the leg without needing ice or refrigeration. Soak the compression boots in water and the advanced formulation will release energy to lower the temperature 6-12 degree below ambient. These boots provide uniform cooling once activated by water.

premier ice boots
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This product is best used as a preventative measure, as it doesn’t provide the same level of cold therapy as an actual ice boot.

It is, however, extremely convenient! Combined with its compression capabilities, this boot is an excellent choice.

Key Features:

  • Sizing: Small, Medium, Large, and Extra Large
  • How to Use: Soak boots in cold water for 5-8 minutes before applying to the leg. Never apply a dry boot to the horse’s leg. Don’t soak boots for >30 minutes. Keep the boot saturated during use.
  • Coverage Area: Tendon and fetlock joint

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Best Full Leg Ice Boots​

Professional’s Choice Full Leg Ice Boot​

These boots are great as they cover the whole leg—hock or knee down. The neoprene exterior is easy to clean, while the interior is lined with nylon to eliminate risk of skin damage from direct contact with ice. The ice pockets are built-in, so you freeze the entire boot. The downside? These boots are pretty big and may take up a lot of space.

professionals choice ice boots
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This product is sold in pairs and can be used for either preventative measures or to treat an injury.

Key Features:

  • Sizing: One Size
  • How to Use: Activate by pacing in a freezer until frozen. They can be transported in a cooler for application later. For even better performance, wet the horse’s legs before application.
  • Coverage Area: Knee or hock to hoof

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Best Overall Ice Boot​

Roma Ice Therapy Boot​

We selected this boot as the Best Overall because of its customer reviews (people LOVE it!) combined with its reasonable price point. Easy to use, this boot is adjustable and stays in place. It is also noted for durability over time.

roma ice boot
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This product works great for treating injuries, but can also be used as a preventative measure. Sold individually, this is a popular option to have in the freezer (ready to go) in the event of an injury or strenuous workout.

Key Features:

  • Sizing: One size – 16 ½” L x 16” W
  • How to Use: For maximum use, freeze boot for 5-6 hours before use. Don’t leave it on for more than 20 minutes at a time.
  • Coverage Area: Knee to hoof

See it at Amazon

Frequently Asked Questions​

Q: What are ice boots for?

Ice boots are designed to deliver cold therapy to the horse’s limbs either as a preventative measure or to treat an injury.

Different ice boots have different features—for example, some are also useful for heat therapy, while others have compression or massaging capabilities.

Q: When should you use ice boots?

Different horse owners, barns, and veterinarians have varying opinions on this topic. Some will use cold therapy, or specifically ice boots, as a preventative measure. For example, you may opt to cold-hose your horse’s legs after a particularly strenuous workout, or you could apply an ice boot.

Others will utilize ice boots to treat a specific injury such as a strained ligament.

Q: What other features should you look for in ice boots?

A few factors to consider when evaluating ice boots:

  • What’s your budget? Be sure to read the fine print—some boots are sold separately, others in pairs, or sometimes they are sold in sets of 4.
  • Sizing may need to be a factor. Some boots are “one size fits all,” which realistically won’t translate well if you have a small pony or large draft breed. Utilize sizing charts or ask questions if you are unsure!
  • Do you plan to use the boots on a regular basis (preventative measure) or have them on hand in the event of an injury? For daily use, you may be better off investing in a more durable (and likely more expensive) option.
  • Do you want ice boots that have any additional functionality, such as removable gel packets, flexibility to be used elsewhere on the horse, compression, or heat therapy capabilities?

Parting Thoughts​

Ice boots can be a great investment to keep your horse happy, healthy, and sound. Whether you utilize them for prevention or to treat an injury, they are a great tool available to horse owners. Be sure to consider all the available features to determine what will work best for your intended use and budget.

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